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Monday, February 02, 2004

BT or nor BT

Well an Interesting weekend, after the winds on Friday night blew down a tree and took out our phone lines with it. No problem I thought They'll have that fixed in no time.- yeah, right! Still nothing by 3pm Sunday afternoon, so on the mobile I call BT Fault line only to be faced with the usual multi choice options: Did I want to report a fault - No I assume you are already aware that half the village is out due to the tree! So I don't want that button then.
Do you want to check the progress of a fault repair? : Yes, yes! That's the one, I press button 2.
Thank you, now please enter the number for which the repair is being carried out., I enter the number;
Thank you we can confirm that you have a fault on this number. I know that but when's it going to be fixed I, the cyber voice continues and we will endeavour to fix this problem as soon as possible.
We will conact you to inform you of progress, in the meantime you can check the work progress by logging online..............
AAAGGGGGGH! How the sodding well can I log on if the phone line is down you soapytitwank?, needless to say the disembodied voice offered no explanation other then to repeat all the other options available to me from BT services.

It is now 12.30 on Monday, we still have no phones at home, so I repeated the above performance from the office, only to be told that yes there is a fault on that line and it was reported at 3pm on Sunday afternoon - it will be fixed one day

PS Managed to speak to Human Being at 2.15 after phoning 151 for 3 hours. They told me they would probably have it fixed by Thursday!


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