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Friday, February 06, 2004

Joke of the week

A young man goes to the pharmacist and explains that he’s got three girls coming round his place for some horizontal exercise this evening. He says he’s never performed with more than one girl before and is concerned that he will be unable to keep it up long enough to satisfy all three. Can the pharmacist provide him with anything?
“No problem” he says as he reaches below the counter. “These are extra special strength Viagra tabs, just one will keep you up for 12 hours” Great say the man, give me 3 boxes – just in case.
The next day the young man returns to the pharmacist looking terrible and unzips his fly. His Dick looks terrible, black and blue with strips of skin hanging off and multiple blisters.
Have you got some Deep Heat? He asks.
“You can’t put deep heat on that” exclaims the pharmacist.
“No it’s for my arms” says the man “The girls didn’t turn up!”


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