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Monday, November 13, 2006


After a very pleasant days golf at Blue Mountain on Friday, I was really looking forward to our trip to Twickenham to see England stuff the Argies; however things turned out slightly differently than expected. To start with my son put unleaded petrol in my diesel as we filled up prior to picking up JB and a friend. Fortunately he realised the mistake after 10 litres which meant we were able to get a further 50 litres of diesel on top. It might be Ok but we couldn't risk a trip down the M4 only to conk out in the middle of london, so alternmative plans were hastily made and we arrived at Twickenham in plenty of time to get to the Guiness bar and a few pints down before the onslaught at the same time mellowing my mood after the fuel fiasco.
Then came the game, as we wejnt in I remarked that after 6 losses in a row at least we will win this one.... famous last words.
Andy Robinson - you have to go! you ruined my day.


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