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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Ad's that really get to you

There are several TV adverts currently that are so annoying surely they have the adverse effect of turning you off the product rather than on.
The first and most annoying is the Michael Winner ad for car insurance when he says "Don't worry dear, it's only an advert" and that stupid girl saying " I'm not his sister."

Then there's- "hi Bev,Kev-Kev,Bev. Bevvv-Kevvv - nice car, we used to have one of those. and that bloody Churchill dog and all the Tesco adverts with Prunella Scales and the Halifax ad's with the coloured guy with a brummie accent and milk bottle glasses offering to give us a little extra. Oh and any McDonald's or Argos ad with that twat who looks like Lawrence fuckhair Bowen. Shan't be buying any of those.

By the way, sorry for not posting much lately - still busy, I don't know where grocer Jack finds the time, anyway I suppose I'd better fill in for him whilst he's on holiday.


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