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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

How daft is this?

The Home office has announce it's latest course in reducing petty crime, specifically shoplifting. From now on anyone caught shoplifting will receive an on the spot £80 fine. er - if they could afford £80 they probably wouldn't be shoplifting in the first place.

And another thing, I have seen the trailers on TV for the New Thunderbirds movie and this reminded me of a question I have wanted to know the answer to since I was 10 years old: If International Rescue is a secret organisation in a secret location, who built Tracey Island? and who built thunderbirds 1-5. I can't imagine they just rang up an aircraft manufacturer and asked them to build 5 crafts to these designs our resident boffin has drawn up, don't worry we'll collect them and here's a check for 100 billion dollars, er don't tell anyone will you.

And I doubt Tracey island was built by the Greeks - it still wouldn't be finished.


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