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Monday, February 14, 2005

A disappointing weekend Part 1

Well a pretty shitty weekend all around.Firstly, I had decided to sell my collection of Duran Duran awards which I acquired some year ago, as now they are known again. Collecting them up to photograph I discovered 2 important ones missing, one being one of a pair presented to Andy Taylor for'Rio'. Now the last time I saw this award was 7 years ago when it was on the wall behind the bar at the Paddock. Needless to say I searched all the barns down there, the loft and under the stairs at home and needless to say came up empty handed, so that has really pissed me off.
Secondly,on Sunday I teed off the first at 9.00 in the sunshine with a cracking shot, however by the time I was putting out a large black cloud had hovered overhead and deposited several tons of hail from what felt like a high pressure hose on me and the green whilst dropping the temperature to around -10c. The course closure hooter sounded and so we had to abandon back to the club house during which the hail turned to blizzard snow, and although wearing waterproofs it appears they're not snow proof. I was soaked through by the time I pealed off my clothes. To make things worse when I went to leave the club the sun was shining and the course was reopened -not a lot of good when all you're clothes are soaked. Now extremely pissed off!


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