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Friday, February 11, 2005

The Brits

I refer to my post of 5/12/05 'are we a racist nation?' and again I note that not one of the Brits award catagories was won by a black act, even though in some sections there were only one white nomination against 5 black, Eminem winning Int solo artist. Interesting as again the winners are voted for by the public. I thought Jamelia should have won something just for her legs.
However I thought it was the best Brits yet and I posted over a year ago the the Scissor Sisters, Franz Ferdinad, Keane and Muse would be massive and all won multiple awards. I like Gwen Steffani but I wish she'd ditch the chinese girls. Her voice reminds me of Lena Lovitch from the 80's. However time has not been kind to Siouxie Sue (Banshees)she used to be quite a looker, and what is it with Robbie Williams and Joss Stone. does he fancy her or what? - she's only 17 for Christsake Robbie!
My prediction for next year best band - The Athelets with album Tourists.See The Winners for a complete list of the awards.


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