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Thursday, February 03, 2005

B for Mutton.

I’m rather concerned about the current trend of advertisers using animated or cartoon animals to advertise various food products. In particular there is an advert for butter which features two cows, one sitting on a branch in a tree. Both of these cows have male voices but are physically equipped with udders, presumably for small children and adults who live in cities to identify these beasts as Cows as opposed to any other kind of animal which can provide the necessary ingredient for butter.
Now the advertisers had two choices here either give the cows horns and bollocks – which would make them bulls and thus non butter producing or change the voices to female, which seems the easier option, however I now believe that most inner city children believe that cows spend their time in the country sitting in trees and talking in deep voices.And those bloody ants that the Post office use drive me nuts.
And can someone explain to me why the Co-Op represent their sales staff as sheep who ride bicycles, are called Colin and speak with Brummie accents?
I’m afraid that goes straight over my head, mind you there are a couple of staff in our local co-op who- No let’s not go there.


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