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Monday, March 15, 2004

Meeting with El Presidente

As a postscript to last weeks postings, I met with El Presidente Manuel Young - the leader of the 3 man ruling military junta of The People's Republic of Eddington - in the car park of Sommerfield's on Saturday after Golf, I had just nipped in for a pork pie and a bottle of Fitou to take home for lunch. He claims that he is not concerned nor impressed with the display of weapons of mass destruction displayed by The Croft Liberation Front as pictured below. However he will be attending the meeting in April at the ancient former civil war Royalist headquarters - Littlecote House.

We are a little surprised not to have had any comment or contact yet from the HRT (Hungerford Republican Triad) who are convening the meeting chaired by the infamous aforementioned Fifi le Fluey.


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