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Monday, March 08, 2004

Could do Better

Well a pretty miserable mishmash of rugby over the weekend. I've always reckoned Ireland as a strong and skilled team and always have a good chance in the 6 nations, but it was England's poor play that lost them the game. How can you loose that many line outs before changing the thrower, and the ball handling was atrocious. Combined with a Biased Aussie ref, I'm surprised we did as well as we did.

However I knew Wales was going to have a tough match against France and got really excited when Wales took the lead in the first half. But again due to silly mistakes and the poorest scrummaging I've ever seen from Wales, France got the better of them.

Golf was naff on Sunday, Played in the medal and started off really well but things went horribly wrong on the 6th and never got any better apart from a birdie on the 8th. However my legs were playing up and I had to retire. Besides the hail storm on the 9th didn't exactly inspire me.


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