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Monday, March 01, 2004

Pint Swipe

Well an Interesting weekend, with 4 guests for supper on Friday night, not mentioning any names but one has short blonde hair and hails from the land of our Fathers, a very pleasant evening with the girls demolishing a bottle of Port and the Guys seeing of a complete single malt, interspersed with several bottle of red wine, so not surprisingly a late rise on Saturday Morning. Belinda drew the short straw and went to pick up Dominic from school as he was coming home for the Berks v Oxon County match on Sunday, and as we haven't seen him since the new year (he went to Italy skiing for half term) I was quite looking forward to seeing him. Funny how that changes when he arrives home with several tons of washing and kit which is immediately spread around every available space in the house.
My CD collection is raided because 16 year olds have suddenly discovered Duran Duran, The Eagles and Deep Purple, Strange mixture I know but apparently they are currently cool, I just hope he doesn't get into The Stones or Bowie because he's not getting his hands on those.
So no Golf this weekend as Sunday dawns and we prepare for the Match on Sunday afternoon at Newbury.We arrive at 12.30 for a 2.00pm kick off, drop Dominic at changing rooms and head for the bar. Order drinks and park our bums on one of the high stools combined with high table in the middle of the bar area. Took two sips from my Guinness ,place glass on table, turn to talk to Belinda who points my attention to the boys warming up on the first team pitch, outstrech my hand to grasp pint only to find thin air.
My pint had gone, missing - stolen in the blink of an eye. The bar was very busy, but I immediately turned to see who was holding a pint of black stuff nearby - no one, all bitter drinkers - well that's Newbury Rugby club for you, It wouldn't happen at Hungerford!
All ended well with a convincing win for Oxfordshire 8-5, a try each and a penalty for Oxon, Dominic playing an excellent game.


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