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Friday, March 05, 2004

Hungerford documentary

I thought I would just add my thought to the subject ( for those not up to speed, the BBC are planning or have made at documentary of the Hungerford massacre when in August 1987 Michael Ryan shot and killed 16 people and wounded many more). I remember the fear and shock at the time but in the weeks that followed we as a community helped each other and learned to come to terms with what had happened.
The intrusion of the media at the time was horrific, even a year later they were back on the anniversary, and when other similar incidents took place, ie, Dunblane, out came the footage of tragic scene's of comparison to Hungerford. We were coping well and 10 years on another documentary sensitively recorded the anniversary, I didn't watch it but I do not recall the protests we have been hearing over this latest and totally unnecessary version.

We, and especially the injured survivors of the attack do not need reminding of that tragic summers day, and I can't imagine why anyone from outside the area would be interested in why a lunatic woke up one morning and decided to kill as many people he could before turning a gun on himself 17 years ago. I understand the town council still has to see a preview of this tape, but it seems they will have little sat in what is used and what is not. A message to the BBC we do not need reminding, its still very clear in our minds!

To my USA friends and readers, this is the equivalent of a reconstruction of 911 although on a smaller scale but still causing offence


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