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Friday, March 19, 2004

Is this England?

A fellow blogger - Girl on the Right - has posted her thoughts to which I have replied. She is an American living in the UK and to understand my reply you must first read her posting entitled A Grim Fairy Tale.

Middle England still exists, life goes on in the shires as it has for many centuries, people still work hard, toil the land and protect the countryside. We talk to and help our neighbours, celebrate traditions that are centuries old. We do not live in fear of crime, we get the odd burglary of a bicycle or a mobile phone stolen from an unlocked car, but we can walk the streets without fear of violence.

It is only when one ventures into the cities that these fears become realities. Fuelled by drugs, the need to obtain ones next fix means that addicts will steal or do anything to get money. Lack of good education caused by a generation of single parenting means that many youths of today have no social, communication or life skills. They and their inner city parents are seduced by advertisers of fast food and hardware that they can not afford or resist, thus turning to a life of crime to sustain their need.

As the government has gone soft on young criminals, rarely handing out custodial sentences, having a criminal record is no longer a stigma of the youth today, in fact its almost a badge of pride. At certain schools you are not considered "in" unless you have been arrested.

The root of all these problems comes from the lack of respect. Respect for authority, for one elders and the Country and its history, culture and traditions. The offspring of mixed parentage have no historical culture to draw on especially if the parents are from different countries ie Afro/Asian.

The cause has been successive governments influenced by left wing policies. With the growing number of immigrants, ethnic minorities are fast becoming majorities and the governments which have allowed political correctness to prevail now find that they are unable to change the tide without being accused of racism. It's no secret that the majority of violent crime is committed by young blacks. London is now only composed of 50% English born whites, the balance being a combination of immigrants and other national who have decided that the UK welfare system is more generous than any other European country.

These immigrants have no respect for our culture or traditions, many refuse to learn or speak our language, yet if we so much as visit a middle Eastern country we must abide by the rules of their religious faiths. But it is civil authorities that cause this by making it difficult for them to integrate into communities,by isolating them they create ghettos which breed contempt. You will not find this in rural communities, we welcome all comers to our community provided they respect us.

Even our own Christian faith is in turmoil internally, split over same sex marriages, divorce, Gay Bishops and priests and as If none of this is enough we are told what we can eat, produce or grow by the EEC in Brussels!

I do think we are still a land of Honour, its just that the honourable are dwindling and fast becoming outnumbered. We respect and celebrate the wining of international sporting acheivements - notably England's Rugby world cup win, and rarely a Cricket test, but the yobbish city culture takes over when two opposing football clubs meet. That has nothing to do with racism but a result of a non repespective society.

Tomorrow England meet Wales at Twickenham in the 6 Nations Rugby Test. 70,000 people will be in that stadium equally split between the 2 nations, but whatever the result hands will be shaken and drinks shared between opposing fans - This is England, a small part but a true part.

That's why we will remain cocooned in our rural retreats.


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