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Friday, January 23, 2004

Golf Joke of the Week

A guy's boat capsizes and he swims ashore to a desert island. On the beach lies a beautiful woman, her ample bust falling out of a tight wetsuit. She tells him she'll grant him any wish he'd like. "I'd kill for a cigarette,'' he says. She zips down the top of the wetsuit a little, reaches into her bosom and pulls out a packet of Benson & Hedges.Wow that's fantastic he says. "Anything else?" she says. "Well an alcoholic drink would go down a treat. She zips the top down a little further, reaches in and pulls out a bottle of exquisitely chilled Chablis Grand Cru a cut crystal goblet and a corkscrew. He's relaxing with his wine and his smoke when she says to him, "Would you like to play around?" He looks at her excitedly and blurts out, "Fuck me , you haven't a set of clubs in there, too?"


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