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Friday, January 23, 2004

Friday Afternoon Gripe

On a more serious note, and now that my hangover from last night has cleared, I want to have a gripe about something.

There have been more recent deaths caused by, hit and run, uninsured, unlicensed, untaxed and un-MOT’d drivers. These drivers in the last three incidents have been illegal immigrants, in this country on false passports and driving cars and motorcycle’s without ever having had a lesson or taken a test. Many of them unable to read the traffic signs as English is not their first language.

Yet anyone can buy a car in this country without proof of identity or the ability of being able to drive. Surely if we can change the law to enable traffic wardens to do us for parking more than 6 inches from the curb or entering a bus lane, why can’t we have a law which prevents you from purchasing a vehicle- trade or private- without producing a valid driving license and not being able to drive away without producing a certificate of insurance? Which of course can be verified by the DVLA

It seems that that this government is more concerned with cash revenue from speed cameras than preventing deaths from the estimated 1 million uninsured illegal drivers – and we’re paying for it!


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