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Thursday, January 06, 2005

All back to Normal

Well the boy went back to school yesterday so I finally have my wife and life back to normal. No more towels and clothes spread around the bathroom along with every skin and hair care products known to man, trainers throughout the hallway, my study a complete mess, my computer reprogrammed, the washing machine can have a rest from three cycles per day, I can finally get rid off all the xmas decorations, watch what I want on the TV, go to my CD drawer and not find the one I want missing, open a DVD case and actually find a DVD in there and it will be the right one. My aftershave will be where I left it and my sock drawer will have matching socks. The kitchen will resemble a kitchen when we get home from work and not a canteen that has just fed the 5000 who left without clearing up and my next phone bill will be 50% lower than the one I have just received - oh how I look forward to the next school holidays!


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