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Saturday, January 17, 2004

Weather or Not

Well the good old weather forecasters got it wrong again. Forecast for last night and early this morning - torrential rain and 50mph winds so the likelihood of golf this morning for an 8.30 tee off was slim especially with the rain we've had over the last 3 days - expected water logged course, no play. So imagine my surprise this morning (didn't make the effort to rise early as not expecting to play) when pulling back the curtains to find bright sunshine and an exquisite frost ( hard ground = duff drives, ball rolls much further). Mad sudden dash to make Deanwood on time - arrived with partner waiting on tee for me - not good form!

It turned out to be an excellent morning, golf pretty good, only losing 1 hole to Chris Reeves - moral do not trust weather forecasts but if you feel that you can't live without the experts telling you how the days weather should turn out you can get the weather forecast for Hungerford every day sent to you by email -just click here to set up. - select region then Berkshire then Hungerford and then on right hand side select to have the forecast sent to you each day.

By the way nice to see Mike Shearing up and about again - LOL!


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